Comfy Basics X Oioiooi Alphabet Flash Cards

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Learning through play

These are creatively designed alphabet flash cards. Children can use the characters for various combinations.
This is possible using transparent cards and paper cards. The 26 character cards can be overlaid by a
corresponding letter of the same initial printed on a transparent card. The letters on the transparent tiles,
fit snugly into the designs on the card making it a fun game to match the letter to the character.
The set also comes with a transparent tile that can be used to place over the characters so that you can
practice drawing your own letter on top with a dry marker, which of course can we wiped clean again and again.

These alphabet cards are a great example of learning through play and the beautifully designed characters,
which all cleverly correspond to a letter.

Product composition : 26 paper cards + 27 transparent cards + 1 manual
Material : paper, transparent PET
Age of use : 3 years old or older