Discover Living Hamper

  • ₱4,499.00

For the amount of time you spend using (and looking at) your laundry hamper in the bathroom, it deserves much more thought functionally and visually than it normally gets.

The DISCOVER LIVING Bamboo Hamper takes on the task of dirty laundry storage seriously with style. It is the perfect finishing touch to your minimalist space. Finally, a hamper that does the job, without being an eyesore! 

Features we love: 
- Minimalist design fits easily in any home aesthetic
- Made of bamboo so it is light but sturdy
- Space-saving and free-standing design allows you to tuck it away in corners if needed
- Pull open laundry rack keeps dirty laundry hidden from view
- Removable liner with handle allows you to conveniently pull out and transport laundry 
- Comes with 2 layers of shelves on top, for placing other bath essentials or bathroom decor