EasyTots Suction Bowl & Bamboo Spoon Set

  • ₱795.00

Attractive ‘unicorn colored’ pack of 2 bamboo handle wide tip weaning spoons

Great for babies and toddlers that are learning to self-feed

Soft wide silicone tip spoon helps with scooping

This product has matching items!

Wash by hand and not suitable for dishwashers

BPA Free, Food-grade Silicone

As your little one grows and develops their fine motor skills you may want to start introducing a spoon or some type of smooth fork to begin the learning process of how to eat food using cutlery.

Our fabulous bamboo spoons are great for growing appetites! The wide silicone tip of the bamboo spoons allows for a bigger scoop at mealtimes, reducing frustration as your little one tries new, exciting flavors.

MATCHING SET - Our gorgeous bamboo spoons match well with our Unicorn Suction Bowl, get extra matching cutlery to look beautiful in the kitchen.

HELPS BABIES LEARN TO SCOOP - These spoons are loved because of their wider tip, this gives a bigger surface area for babies to master self - feeding.

SIZE GUIDE - length 14 cm, handle length 9 cm, tip length 5 cm, tip width 3.4 cm