Konmeibear Art Slippers

  • ₱379.00

Create, wear, and display.

Introducing the KONMEIBEAR Kids' ART Slippers! This footwear designed for your young ones incorporates imagination and safety in its design:

- Kids are able to paint on the slippers with a 3D designated spot for your kids to make some awesome artwork, and it dries in only 10 minutes!
- Made a mistake? No worries! Paint can easily be revised with the white paint that's included in the paint kit
- The slippers are flexible, and durable
- The sole has an anti-slip design, to prevent kids from slipping
- Available in four (4) 3D designs

Unleash the inner Picasso in your kids and let their imagination flow!

Box contains:
- a pair of slippers with 3D design
- 6 paints
- paint brush