Little Fat Hugs Kitchen Set

  • ₱2,750.00

This pretend kitchen playset encourages a child’s role-playing skill with parents or friends, helps identify and recognize colors, stimulates imagination & creativity  and improves hand-eye coordination & social skills.


Pretend Steam: add 40ml water into the hole of the stove to make the steam come out from the pot

Realistic Lights and Sounds: stove top burner lights up and makes realistic cooking sounds

Working Faucet: Press the button behind the faucet for water to come out, with circulating water system; Kids can was dishes, vegetables and fruits in the sink.

Excellent Storage Space: Storage bins, dish rack and built-in shelves  make organizing the kitchen toys a breeze. This set comes with a large capacity oven, storage cabinets and lots of hanging storage that keeps culinary equipments within arm’s reach.

Product size: 72H x 51.5L x 23.5Wcm

Material type:  child-friendly material: high quality ABS, smooth edges, odor -free

43 pcs accessories – includes electronic stovetop, play sink with running water, mini blackboard, cooking utensils, fruits, vegetables, other food and pots & pans for your child to have countless hours of fun and play

Battery: 9 pcs AA