Nooboo Milkyway Finger Toothbrush and Gum Massager

  • ₱550.00

  • Made of ultra soft silicone material that's surely going to be gentle on your baby's gums.
  • Can be used from in infancy and up or until they start using a regular toothbrush.
  • Soft bristles on one side and a unique textured surface on the other. These help clean and massage the top and bottom areas of the baby's mouth at the same time.
  • Best for removing milk residue and prevent mouth thrush.
  • Each set contains two narrow bristled brush for a precise tooth and gum cleaning and one wide bristled brush for tongue, roof of the mouth and inner cheek cleaning.
  • For extreme teething and sore gums apply an ample amount of teething gel over the bristles and gently massage on baby's gums for instant relief.


Each set includes:

1x Spaceman (Salmon)

1x Rocketship (Pebble)

1x Galaxy (Terracotta)

And 3 storage cases.