PING! Baby Thermometer and Monitor

  • ₱2,550.00

What is PING! ? PING! is a device that can monitor your baby's temperature 24/7 with the help of your smart phone's bluetooth function.

What so special about PING! ? Aside from temperature monitoring, PING! will alert you for abnormal reading of your baby's temperature (low or high) on your mobile IN REAL TIME. Which will allow you to act accordingly.

What version or model of smart phones can I use with PING! ? For Android phones with 4.3 versions or above and as for iphone versions with IOS 7.0 & above

Can PING! record my baby's temp reading? Not only can PING! remember your baby's temp, it can also give you a history of readings in per hour basis and weekly basis. Results will be presented to you in a graph form for easy viewing.

Can I use it with a different baby once I programmed it? PING! BabyThermo APP can program up to four (4) user profile.

What "temperature alert warnings" should I program in my PING! ? Ideally, in babies and children, the average body temperature ranges from 97.9°F (36.6°C) to 99°F (37.2°C). You may adjust alert settings if necessary.

What's PING!'s DEVICE NAME do I pair my phone with? Search for "HTS"

Why did my PING! baby thermo disconnected from my phone? PING!'s APP uses the bluetooth function of your phone. Just be mindful of the "distance" of your phone to your PING! to avoid disconnection.

Please note: your phone will also set off a "warning sound" once you are "out of range". So don't panic once it does!

How do I OPEN and TURN OFF my PING! unit? To open, press on the button 5-8 seconds. A blinking light will prompt you if you are successful.

• I want to check my child's temperature on the PING! unit. How do I do that? A quick press of the button will reveal the temperature of your child in the small LCD screen. The LCD will clear up after a few seconds. (This function, allows you to conserve your battery's life.)

How do I conserve my battery life? Always make sure you've successfully TURNED OFF the unit after each use.

Where do I have my batteries changed? You can actually do it yourself. You just need a tiny phillips head screwdriver to open the back side and a replacement battery OR you may bring your unit to any watch service center.

•What type of battery do I need? You need a CR2032 to operate.

What NOT TO DO? DO NOT aggressively pull the armband. This may disconnect the wire sensors from the unit. Doing so will void your warranty.

• Where do I wear PING! and how tight should I wear it? You may secure PING! to your baby's arm.
"To achieve the ideal fit to your baby, the "metal sensor" should be in full contact with your baby's skin, it shouldn't be loose.
You should also make sure blood flow is not restricted when you secure the PING! to your baby.

Product PING! Baby thermo
Model B00
Material ABS & PC for main device, medical-grade silicone for armband
System Android 4.3 & above OR IOS 7.0 & above
Feature SDK Firmware Updated
APP Name BabyThermo
Data Sync Data synchronization to mobile APP (J-style Thermo)
Display 0.47" LCD display
Data Memory 10000 times
Battery 1 x CR2032 battery
Color sky and cream white
Size 37.31mm x 33.39mm x11.08mm
Package One (1) unit ping! baby thermo (battery installed) and one (1) extra CR2032 battery
Warranty 1 year