Safe Space Citronella Room Spray

Safe Space Citronella Room Spray

  • ₱420.00

Made from pure, distilled citronella oil, Safe Space Ctironella Room Spray naturally repels mosquitoes!

A lot of us mom are concerned on using so many chemical on our baby. even these patches are inhaled as its stuck to the baby. We can use the patches when go out in public but at our home, we can create a safe space for our kids. we spray on the corners and can bundle withe a zapper to really kill the mosquitoes. Safe to spray on our plants to repel them where they really live so its a longer term prevention. It is made from pure distilled citronella oil and the highest quality variety. These plants are locally grown so by keeping our babies safe we are also helping the farmers in our country.

The smell lasts for 3 hours, but it still depends on the ventilation of the room and how much has been sprayed.

Safe to spray around kids.

Contents: 500ML