Belly Armor

Belly Armor is the definitive resource for families looking to protect themselves against the harmful effects of everyday radiation, providing knowledge about the health risks from wireless technologies and designing products to help reduce exposure. 

On a mission to make everyday environments healthier, particularly for children, Belly Armor strives to increase awareness of this emerging health issue in the 30+ countries where we have presence. We work with the scientific and medical community, our advocates and our distributors globally to educate about the state of the science and encourage a more balanced and safer use of technology in our modern-day lives. 

Belly Armor products have won several awards including The Bump's Best of Baby in 2012 and 2015, and Pregnancy & Newborn's Top Products of 2014. Belly Armor has been featured in many publications and media, including The New York Times, TIME, Wall Street Journal, The Doctors,, Newsweek, Mother & Baby, and The Talk.


Belly Armor’s apparel and accessories products use our proprietary RadiaShield® Fabric, a conductive silver textile with high shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic radiation emitted by common cellular and wireless devices (non-ionizing radiation in the range of 10MHz to 8GHz). Belly Armor products DO NOT shield against ionizing radiation (like X-rays and gamma rays). 


  • Belly Armor products create a barrier between your body and the source of radiation, when used correctly by placing the product between you and the source. The RadiaShield® Fabric used in the products shields electromagnetic radiation by neutralizing, through reflection and absorption, incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure. 
  • Utilizing the same shielding approach used in many industrial and military applications, RadiaShield® Fabric is designed to be safe as well as comfortable and practical to use by pregnant women, children, and other adults like. A textile needs to be conductive in order to create the shielding effect, and silver is chosen as the conductor because it is is highly conductive, stable, safe and has anti-bacterial properties (which is why silver is commonly used for medical purposes).
  • Highly effective - In addition to internal testing, RadiaShield® Fabric has been independently tested in FCC-certified and NVLAP-accredited labs to have shielding effectiveness of 99.9% for the range of everyday radiation (<10MHz – 8+GHz) (See report here.)


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