Eeeek Silicone Story Mould

  • ₱850.00

Color Options: Red, Yellow, Green, Teal

The Eeeek's Silicone Story Mould is made by a team of enthusiastic Korean who believe in the wonders of early childhood engagements.

The Story Mould is more than a usual moulding tool! StoryMould envisions the many interactions children may have with StoryMould, both physically and mentally. Children can explore different textures depending on the ingredients they use. Also, StoryMould encourages imagination! With the adorable mould, children could materialise their imagination!

Story Mould is soft to touch and odorless. StoryMould also makes unmoulding easy. Simply turn the mould upside down, and gently push the mould. 

Made with the highest grade of food-grade silicon, Eeeek's ensures safety for its users. StoryMould can withstand wide temperature changes between -40 degrees celsius to 250 degrees celsius.

It is also possible to sterilise in hot water, making it easier to maintain its hygiene over time. To live up to Eeeek's ambition of being a part of children's pretend play, the StoryMould is also suitable to be used in the microwave, oven (electrical), refrigerator and freezer!