Doodle & Play Reusable Coloring Mats

  • ₱450.00

Spark your child's imagination with Doodle & Play!

Doodle & Play Reusable Mats offer a unique approach to coloring. It comes in 2 sizes and different designs to suit your little ones interest. Made of food grade silicone - it is heat resistant, waterproof and easy to carry around. Dry erase markers can easily be wiped off using a wet wipe. A fun learning activity for all ages that can be used again and again! :)
Use Doodle & Play Reusable Coloring Mats to:
  • Entertain kids during long travels
  • Make meal times more fun!
  • Offer an alternative toy or activity
  • Take their eyes off the screen
  • Relax for some quiet time :)
.. and so much more!
Mini - 20 x 15cm
Large - 40 x 30cm ☺️