• ₱950.00

Get a superb boost of vitamins, minerals, and healthy Phytonutrients from a natural source: Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera). 

In easy-to-digest capsule form, It's easy to start the journey towards a healthier you. Take one a day, and you're all good! 

  • Perfect for breastfeeding mothers:
    • Promotes the growth of the hormone Prolactin--an essential hormone that stimulates lactation.
    • Strengthens immune system--essential for mothers recuperating from pregnancy, delivery, and stress.
  • Helps heal inflamed joints and tendons
  • Helps normalize blood pressure and sugar level
  • Can relieve constipation
  • For breastfeeding mothers, take 3x a day
  • Comes in Box of 100 or Box of 30