KneeGuardKids Car Seat Footrest

  • ₱2,950.00

Kids in car seats usually have their feet dangling in the air because their legs are not long enough to reach the floor. Without a stable base for their feet, the force of gravity exerts pressure on their thighs and legs. To protect themselves, kids end up sitting in awkward positions for extended lengths of time, hurting their posture and knees.

KneeGuardKids relieves strain on knees and thighs, improves blood circulation, and eliminates leg cramps and numbness.

NEW KneeGuardKids4 Features

1. Safety proven by passing crash test

The crash test was conducted in accordance with the FMVSS 213 regulations, a standard made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to test the safety of car seats, and passed the results within the specified values in all items.

2. Suitable for all children 9 years and under (Can be also used for 1-2 year old children)

  • When using a children’s car seat, children’s legs are located higher than the seat of a vehicle. Therefore, the feet don’t reach a Foot Plate when using a regular Foot Plate.
  • KneeGuardKids 4 is made by applying a patented technology where a Foot Plate comes above the seat of a car, which a baby with short leg suitable to use.(US, China, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Poland, Canada and  Australia Patent registration)
  • The height of the footrest can be adjusted in 0.7cm increments, so it can be used for a long time by adjusting the height of the footrest according to the growth of the child. (Height adjustment range: adjustable up to 54cm)

3. Safety with LATCH

  • It is safe because it is fastened to LATCH, an international standard for fastening car seats.
  • Vehicles without LATCH, it can be fixed using a separate part (Installation Clip).

4. The Height Control Bar in the center makes it more convenient to use

  • The Height Control Bar is located in the center, so you can spread your legs freely from side to side, making it more comfortable to use.
  • If the Height Control Bar is on either side of the left and right sides, it is not only necessary to sit with your legs together, but it can also be inconvenient because your heels or calves may get caught.

5. Stable, comfortable, and no strain on the ankle by adjusting the angle

Since the angle of the footrest can be adjusted in 15-degree increments, it is not only comfortable for a child to use, but also protects the ankle growth plate by distributing the load on the ankle.-. When not in use, the footrest can be folded down, making the interior of the car more efficient.


6. The height and angle of the footrest can be easily and conveniently operated with one touch.

7. Improved stability with wide Bottom Plate

The wide floor bottom plate closely adheres to the car floor, so the footrest does not shake.