Milksta Vegan & Decaf Nursing Coffee

  • ₱1,050.00

Are you a lactating mother who loves coffee? Check out Milksta Mommy Brew’s delicious delight and you’ll keep craving for more!

Coffee is ringed with delectable benefits which makes it a popular beverage. This wholesome drink doesn’t only contain high levels of antioxidants, this instant coffee treat also supports mothers with lactation.

Yes! You heard it right! And that huge round of applause goes to Milksta Mommy Brew Organic and Vegan Nursing Coffee. Moms out there who are struggling with milk supply can now get natural support with this tasty beverage.

Milksta Mommy Brews are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that are known to help boost and increase milk supply. Galactagogues are nice to have but frequent nursing and/or pumping routines should be established.

Breastfeeding mothers are also encouraged to drink up and stay hydrated. Any galactagogue will be most effective in increasing milk supply when combined with increased breastfeeding frequency and milk removal.


→ Helps Boost Breastmilk Supply
Milksta offers lactogenic food ingredients which are outstanding for boosting milk supply and production.

→ Supercharged with Nutritious Ingredients
It contains dates, spinach, carrots, moringa, stevia, oat creamer, brewer’s yeast, and coconut oil creamer.

→Sweetened with Calorie-Free Organic Stevia
This tempting breastfeeding support lactation instant coffee uses calorie-free organic stevia. Stevia, which is a sweet-tasting plant, is a smart alternative to sucrose. Hence, it is much healthier than the latter. It helps with weight control, blood pressure, and various types of allergies.

Instructions: Dissolve 1 sachet in a cup of hot water, stir & enjoy!


Decaf coffee
Moringa leaves
Oat creamer
Brewer’s yeast powder Coconut oil creamer

One pack includes 18 Grams x 16 Sachets