Yummy Mitt

Like most Mom or Dad Invented products, the idea for Yummy Mitt® teething mitten began after the birth of Detara's first daughter. At around 2 months she started teething and her hands were constantly in her mouth. She started teething earlier than expected and was frustrated not being able to completely grasp the standard teethers that were on the market. The need for a more functional, safe and stylish teether that she wouldn't need to grasp birth the idea of Yummy Mitt® Teething Mitten. Designed for babies who haven't developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething toys. Babies that aren't able to grasp toys can manipulate Yummy Mitt® with ease and little effort. Designed for babies, Loved by Parents. 

Detara's dream was to make our first product come to life with quality materials while adding an ergonomic design. At the same time still maintaining the highest product safety standards. So she and her husband worked tirelessly night and day with multiple revisions to perfect every detail, component, color and feature. To bring the vision and dream they had to reality in delivering and exceed the quality you see today. They went through extensive testing to comply with the USA, Canada, European Union and Australian safety standards. 

Passing and exceeding all rigorous safety requirements! The love they have for our daughter Alethia helped them to design a product with pure love. It was like the birth of a second child! Except Detara wanted to share with other parents, for she knew it would solve a common problem. 

Detara works closely with our manufacturer to ensure all products adhere to and follow the required safety guidelines.