Bamberry Sleep Sack - Cloud Collection

Bamberry Sleep Sack - Cloud Collection

  • ₱1,399.00

Our sleep sack in 0.5 TOG is made from viscose from bamboo. Keep your little one comfortable and warm in our NEW! breathable sleep sacks. Built in dual YKK zipper  for easy diaper changes. Replace loose blankets by keeping your little one safe and snug during their transition from swaddling.


0-6M 10-20 4.5-9 22-27 56-69
6-18M 16-30 7-14 26-33 66-84
18-36M 26-42 12-19 33-40 84-102


Sleep Sack Fit Test:
  • Make sure to pull the collar up to ensure that it is not covering your baby’s face and airway while he/ she is laying on their back. Always tug to ensure proper fit
  • The sleep sack should pop down naturally
  • Make sure there is enough room to wiggle and move the baby’s hips in the bottom of the sleep sack. ( there should be extra material past their feet)
  • If there is plenty of room below the feet, that is okay, it's just to allow room for longer children and for growing
  • DO NOT SIZE UP. It is NOT advisable to size up Sleep Sacks. Choose the right size base on our size chart and age. 

TOG (Ambient Room Temperature):

Our 0.5 TOG Sleep Sack is wearable for room temperatures of up to 23-26 °C. It is ideally perfect for all year round wear in a tropical weather country like the Philippines. Just like you, your baby will be uncomfortable if they’re too hot or too cold. They obviously cannot tell you this though. If you're feeling a bit hot or cold, you add a layer or shed a layer. Not so easy for our little ones to do!

Signs of being too warm:

  • Sweating
  • Damp hair
  • Heat rash
  • Red cheeks
  • Heavy breathing

Sleep bags are great to keep babies:

  • Warm 
  • Transitioning out of swaddles
  •  Sleeveless for breathability and comfort
  • Promote safe sleep