Bebest Cheese Cube

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Cheesy snack for kids, made of natural cheese. Cheese was freeze-dried under the 40℃ sub-zero temperature to preserve its natural taste and nutritional properties. Different flavors to gratify kids' capricious appetite (Korean strawberry, blueberry. Not sticky, small, and handy chunks for easy munching. Ideal finger food to let baby practice the pincer grasp. Convenient snack size to provide self-feeding tricks and to practice a coordinated pinch for further brain development.
    Bebest is devoted to providing the best quality food for infants and kids and has been awarded the '2020 Korea Superb Brand Award' in the Kids & Baby food category. Celebrate with us, as we are heading into the world bringing the Best quality 'Made in Korea' to all loving parents around the world.   

    Safe and relieving baby food

    We make baby food that is safe to feed. "Bebest" always investigates using safe ingredients, manufacturing methods, and trustable quality. "Bebest Lab" researches and develops new products cooperating with specialty institutes.

    Nutritionally balanced food

    Bebest makes baby food that is nutritionally balanced for our precious babies.

    Children's healthy growth

    We make baby food to help babies to experience a variety of natural ingredients and textures so that babies can build the right eating habits in the most important weaning period.

    For delicate babies

    We make mild and digestible baby food for babies who have immature digestion and absorption capacity. We do not put any additives or preservatives apart from natural food ingredients.