Buds & Blooms Herbal Bath Soak

  • ₱199.00

Buds & Blooms is proud to introduce the first Herbal Bath Soak specially made for Post-Natal Recovery of New Moms.

Inside the box are two 100g pouches. Each pouch is filled with a rich blend of natural herbs that infuse the bath water with natural botanical properties perfect for sore muscles and aching bodies.

Each herb was selected to be calming and soothing for:

  • Tired body and sore muscles
  • Aching back, shoulder and feet
  • Post Natal recovery baths
  • Pre Natal relaxation baths
  • Soreness after intense exercise


  • It’s as easy as making a giant tea! 
  • Soak the bag in a tub or basin of hot water ( not boiling )
  • Let it steep for 10 to 15 mins.
  • Add cold water until it reaches a comfortable temperature.
  • You may use this herbal water as your final rinse in your bath routine