Clever Spaces Vacuum Storage Bag

  • ₱600.00

Clever Spaces brand which is Vacuum Storage Bags that are very handy to bring to maximize luggage space while on travel. Clever Spaces are US-quality vacuum storage bags that can save you up to 4x of space just with the use of a regular vacuum or our Clever Spaces Hand Pump. Available in 3 sizes, Medium (ideal for clothes, jackets), Large (for light beddings and towels), and Cube (for heavier beddings and bulky items). Aside from saving space, these vacuum bags prevent moisture, dust, and insects from getting into your stored items, making them smell and feel freshly laundered when taken out of the bags.

These bags are waterproof, airtight and reusable. Save up to 3x storage space with the medium and large bags and up to 4x storage space when you use the cube bags. Stowing your clothes and bedding here can also protect them from dust mites, molds, and mildew.

Medium set contains 2 pcs of 50 x 70 cm bags

Large Set contains 2 pcs of 56cm x 85 cm

Cube Set contains 1pc 55x75x25cm bag and 1pc 67x100x30cm bag



1) OPEN vacuum storage bag and valve.

2) PACK clothes and beddings into the bag. Fill only up to 2 inches before the zipper line.

3) ZIP up the bag completely to seal.

4) PRESS out the air by using your hands, use your home vacuum or use Clever Spaces Manual Hand Pump.

5) CLOSE the valve.