Happy Noz Kids Anti-Cough Organic Onion Sticker

  • ₱350.00

Happy Noz 100% Organic Onion Sticker / Onion Patch
- Helps relieve cough, expel phlegm, reduce inflammation of the lungs.
- Safe for Newborns, Babies, Adults, Pregnant and Nursing moms.

Organic Onion Sticker / Onion Patch
- 100% Organic ingredients are certified by ECOCERT
- Long lasting 12 hours
- Safe for baby 0+
- Mild scented
- Easy to use

Easy to use:
- Stick on your clothes, fan or air conditioner without touching your skin

Onion oil - relieve running nose
Eucalyptus oil - clear your airway & feel refreshed
Peppermint oil - help with allergies
Lavender oil - get good night’s sleep
Ginger oil - relieve cough, expel phlegm, and reduce inflammation of the lungs

Quantity: 6pc per 1box
Condition: Sealed, store in a dry and cool place
Expiracy: The Patch is valid for 2 years started from the production date
Caution: This product is not a substitute for the medicine prescribed by your doctor.

*Not recommended for g6pd patients