Ivenet Baby Puree Juice

  • ₱120.00

Baby fruit/vegetables  juice l Recommended age: 6 months up
No sugar, no MSG, salt and no artificial flavors. HACCP certified.
Contain lots of fibers. Good for baby’s intestines.

Puree A: Cabbage,Mango, Banana, Lemon, Carrot, Apple, Pear, Orange

Puree B: Pumpkin, Sweet Potato ,Cabbage ,Pineapple,Green Grape, Lemon, Apple, Pear, Banana

Puree C: Prune,Jujube, Cabbage, Red grape, Strawberry,Lemon, Apple, Pear, Banana
Contains fruits and vegetables in a pouch with vitamins A,B and C.
Adequate size for baby’s hand. One pouch contains 5g of fiber

Puree D: Avocado, Banana, Cabbage, Spinach, Pear, Orange, Apple and Banana