Ivenet Pure Sesame Oil

  • ₱780.00

Baby Seasonings l Recommended age:  10 months up

Ivenet's Pure Sesame Oil is harvested from a sincere and tedious process that involves washing young sesame seeds 3 times before frying them at low temperature. 

The oil is also only extracted once, which is why the color  is lighter and the taste is mild. 

The bottle is kept small so that every batch of sesame oil is at its freshest. Enjoy it in side dishes or add a few drops to elevate every meal!  This high-quality sesame seeds oil is prepared with a clean process and a safe environment.

No worries about pesticides too! Just enjoy!

What’s make it difference?

*Other brand stir fry at a high temperature to produce strong fragrance. Each batch of sesame wil be extracted multiple times while Ivenet Pure Sesame Oil is stir fry at low temperature before extracting oil from the seeds. All batches of sesame seeds will only be extracted once, therefore the lighter color and mild taste.  

Please note: To store in fridge after opening