Joy In A Bottle The OG Spray

Joy In A Bottle The OG Spray

  • ₱600.00

The OG blend in the first product of Joy In A Bottle. It boasts of 100% locally sourced ingredients

Elemi (Philippine Frankincense)





Wondering how it smells? Many people describe it as honey lemon candy! 

Joy In A Bottle is a homegrown brand that promotes locally sourced raw materials from the Philippines. The brand's exponential growth can be attributed to personal testimonials from people who experienced immediate relief after trying the products.

Joy In A Bottle Essential oils are pure and high grade. It does not make use of any carrier oils (except for our EO line for kids which are diluted in safe proportions for kids 3 years old and above). Joy In A Bottle aims to provide ready made blends that target multiple ailments. It understands that not many people have the time to mix or even think what oils could be mixed. It is oiling, simplified.