Keenz 7S Foldable Snack Tray

  • ₱1,999.00

The Keenz 7S Foldable Snack Tray is specially designed to fit perfectly onto the Keenz 7S wagon stroller. Crafted with lightweight yet durable glass fiber reinforced plastic, this premium snack tray offers a practical solution for on-the-go snacking and drink storage.


  • Perfect Fit: This lightweight & durable premium snack tray is designed specifically for the Keenz 7S wagon stroller.
  • Safe and Secure: With cup holders on both sides of the tray, you can keep drinks within reach while ensuring they stay securely in place, preventing accidental spills. The raised edge design further enhances safety by keeping items from rolling off the tray.
  • Easy Installation: Simply snap the tray support onto the 7S frame. For added peace of mind, a safety pin beneath the snack tray ensures that the tray remains securely in place without accidental folding or unfolding.
  • Spacious and Foldable: The large usable tray area  (23 x 53 cm) offers ample space for snacks and drinks of both kids. When not in use, the snack tray easily folds for convenient storage.
  • Easy to Clean: For care and maintenance, simply wipe the tray with a soft damp cloth or a wet wipe. You can even wash it if needed.


  • Package Size: 32 x 19 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg

Available Color:

  • Black