Kodomo Playhouse Minimalist Storage Rack

  • ₱9,000.00

Kodomo Playhouse offers parents a helping hand through quality baby products that is easy to use, with the comfortable and convenient features you want. Their goal is to innovate, dream, and grow.

Hand polished and stable not to fall, and hierarchal classification. This storage has multiple lattice drawers that can be arranged in different categories. Very easy to use and has an orderly system. Every shelf is secured with anti-falling groove. It also have 2 open and closed cabinet doors for variety. Its classic shape and design, and simple color matching provides a neat appearance and is suitable for all kinds of home styles. This storage is made with stable frame construction, and thickened side plate to stand firmly, bearing high and not easy to fall. It also has a side handle to make it convenient to adjust the position

Weight (kg): 24.2

Dimensions: L 125 x W 36 x H 56 cm

Size: 4 Layers, 3 columns