Little Fat Hugs Math STEM Cubes Set

  • ₱1,150.00

You will get 120 pieces linking cubes with 16 pcs training cards (32 puzzles).This teaching resource allows children to learn basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction while playing. It is the first choice for kindergarten/home school learning.

Stimulate Kids Brain Development - Children can develop their hands-on and calculation ability by playing with math cubes. Children can assemble the cubes blocks into various patterns, which can stimulate imagination and improve children's brain development.

Rich Colors - The cards and the number blocks are very colorful and made from safe and non-toxic materials. They can greatly attract a toddler's desire to play and are ideal toys for a toddler.

The Perfect Teaching Set - Math cubes between the squares is carefully designed to allow kids to easily assemble and dismantle them. These are high quality teaching materials and are perfect gifts for preschoolers.