Little Fat Hugs Octopus Sprinkler with Bubbles

  • ₱880.00

This octopus sprinkler can spray water in all directions and at varying heights depending on the water pressure. As the water is released, children can dodge, dance, and run, turning a dull day into an exciting one while keeping them cool. 

2-in-1 Bubble Machine Function: This toy is not only an outdoor sprinkler, but also an automatic bubble machine. To enjoy the bubble machine function, follow these steps: Step 1: Install 3xAAA batteries (not included). Step 2: Add the bubble solution to the side bottle on the octopus bubble machine. Step 3: Press the power button and enjoy the wonderful bubble machine. 

Multipurpose: A hose connector is provided to easily connect the sprinkler to your water hose. Turn on the tap and have fun watering your lawn, flowers, and plants while playing. By adding bubble solution and turning on the switch, the octopus blows out numerous bubbles, adding a romantic touch to your garden. It serves as a sprinkler toy for children, a bubble machine, and a garden sprinkler.  Don’t forget to get the pets involved! Beat the sweltering heat and give your furry friends a cool summer’s day. 

Ideal Summer Gift for Kids: This water sprinkler toy is an ideal gift for kids aged 3 to 12. It allows them to cool off while playing outside and helps develop their coordination. Enjoying the outdoors keeps kids physically healthy and brings endless joy.