Mama Blends 8-in-1 Coffee Mix

  • ₱148.00

Mama Blends is a local Filipino brand which aims to encourage breastfeeding by providing supplemental beverages which use only natural and premium quality ingredients.  Our blend is carefully developed not only to help aid in boosting your milk supply but also in building your immunity.  Mama Blends 8-in-1 coffee drink mix is made of powerhouse ingredients of malunggay, kale, silymarin, fennel, inulin fiber, and kale, and uses stevia, a zero-calorie natural sweetener to add a hint of sweetness to our mix.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that although desired, we cannot guarantee outright increase in milk supply which depends on many factors, including your diet, hormones, and overall health. Mama Blends can also be taken by pregnant women, however if you have a sensitive pregnancy, kindly consult with your OB-Gyne first.
1 box contains 8 sachets