Mama Tales Organic Refreshing Mouth Spray

  • ₱650.00

Mama Tales Organic Refreshing Mouth Spray, watermelon flavor
  • Mouth spray that does more than moisturize the throat.
  • Take care of your baby's mouth with full natural and organic extracts such as Propolis, Organic chamomile, Organic rosemary, Organic aloe vera, licorice
  • Free from alcohol and sugar
  • Not bitter, does not sting the mouth
  • Helps moisturize the mouth and throat. Reduces irritation.
  • Helps when your baby coughs, has a sore throat, and helps reduce bad breath.

Product formula: Can be used from children aged 3 years and up.
Uses stevia and xylitol instead of sugar. Prevents tooth decay too!

 Size 15 ml. Appropriate amount, easy to carry.

How to use
Oral spray 2-3 times a day or use as often as needed.
Organic extracts from both Thailand and abroad.
Most importantly, it tastes good (not bitter) which makes it a good experience for your baby.