Mamii Moon Natural Onion Balm

  • ₱299.00

Mamii Moon Natural Refreshing Red Onion Balm for Babies and Kids

  • Gentle formula, suitable for all ages

  • Helps relieve stuffy and itchy nose

  • Reduce nasal congestion, cough and cold

  • Breathe comfortably and sleep well at night

  • Reduce itching from insect bites and allergic rashes

  • Relieves dizziness

Main Ingredients:

  1. Organic Red Onion Oil : Smell helps relieve nasal congestion in children who have cold s or allergy

  2. Organic Peppermint Oil : Cool and refreshing aroma, helps to relax, prevent sinus and flu symptoms.

  3. Organic Eucalyptus Oil : Fresh fragrance helps relieve nasal congestion, clear breath, anti bacterial

  4. Organic Lavender Oil : Fresh, relaxing scent, helps nourish the respiratory system. alleviate the flu

  5. Betel Vine Essential Oil: Used to relieve inflammation of the nose and throat. Helps relieve itching.

How to use :

  • Apply Shallot Balm to the chest, neck and nose area.

  • Can be used as often as needed

  • Can be used by babies, children, pregnant women and adults.

  • For itching ---Apply to the itchy area.

  • Safe for G6PD patients

  • 1 Packaging contains 1 Mamii Moon 5g Balm