Marimer Isotonic in Unidose

  • ₱330.00

The device is recommended for infants from birth (except premature babies), children, and adults as an instillation or wash: 

  •  For daily nasal hygiene
  •  It hydrates the nasal mucosa
  •  It facilitates the evacuation of nasal secretions 
  •  It is recommended in case of allergic rhinitis. 

1 to 4 times a day, in each nostril as necessary.

Instruction for use:

The presentation and the unidose shape allow easy and safe use. 

  • It is recommended for an infant to lie down, for a child to sit or stand with the head tilted to the side.  
  • Detach the unidose and open it by turning the top part
  • Gently insert the tip into the nostril and press the unidose gently.  
  • Repeat the operation with the other nostril. 
  • Straighten the head to allow the mucus to drain out.

For infants: wipe off the excess. Use a baby fly in case of strong discharge in order to gently suck up the mucus. 

In young children: ask them to blow their nose gently. 

Precautions for use: For infants, instill the product with a minimum of pressure to avoid contamination of the middle ear.

Contraindications: Do not use it in case of hypersensitivity to seawater. Do not use it on premature babies.


Do not use an already opened or damaged unidose due to the risk of rapid bacterial contamination.

Storage conditions:

Do not exceed the expiry date indicated on the unidose. Keep away from light.