Mimmo and Me Balance Beam

  • ₱2,390.00

Mimmo and Me Balance Beam Set is a versatile set that allows you to create different balance beams in one set. Designed with wide step areas, and slip-resistant bottoms, these balancing beams make children stretch, reach, jump, and step to build strong muscles, agile joints, and healthier bodies through active play.

Anti-slip grip and textured surface is molded into the product and also acts as a sensory walking surface. The tactile surface will stimulate your child’s feet and helps with physical development.

This set will:

-Promote active play. Inspiring your child to jump, stretch, climb, and balance for full-body exercise.
-Challenge the kid's center of gravity
-Build confidence, enhance balance and motor planning skills.
Stretch the calf and foot muscles.

This durable set can be used indoor or outdoor and features a durable anti-slip bottom.
Each set comes with 8 bright and colorful beams- yellow, red, blue and green.

Product Details:

Supports up to 90kgs and can be cleaned with water and mild detergent.
Materials: PP
Size: 50*14*9cm
Package Weight: 4 KGS
Package Content: Set of 8pcs Balance Beam
Suitable Age: 2-6yo