Mimmo and Me LED Light Up Pad

  • ₱1,280.00

Our Light Up LED Pads provide a wonderful teaching and learning tool. They are a calming influence in the playroom and will spark the children’s interest to explore colour mixing, shape and pattern. Providing a light pad/ lightbox with inviting resources will encourage children to think critically and creatively in many areas of learning.

The lovely soft and captivating glow means that children spend longer amounts of time engaged with the activity that is provided. This is a fantastic opportunity to stretch their developing attention spans especially when transparent manipulatives are used such as magnetic tiles, translucent letters and numbers. 

Aside from sensory STEAM play activities, our light pads let your kids trace and color detailed scenes. The ultra-thin tablet design and bright LED drawing surface make tracing easy and enjoyable for kids. This will further enhance their drawing and writing skills which will improve their fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination.

Features & details

3 LEVEL BRIGHTNESS SETTING -- There are three level light settings to enable the most appropriate light for the activity.

KID FRIENDLY DESIGN -- Lightweight, made with ABS Material and portable.

ILLUMINATE ART -- This LED panel is perfect for young artists! The adjustable lighting makes it great for drawing, stenciling and tracing. 

EXPLORE COLOR -- The colours of the materials used on the lightbox are enhanced. This will provoke the child’s imagination. Ideal for the investigation of light, dark, color mixing and shadows. 

IDEAL FOR MANIPULATIVE LEARNING – This Light Up Pads encourages children to be better observers. This is because the subtle details of the presented materials are clearly visible on a lightbox than on a non-lit surface.

OBSERVE  -- Use this ultra-bright LED panel to show kids the details of leaves and insects. Use Magnifiers to see them even more clearly on the light table!

VERSATILE - Use this LED panel for a wide range of STEAM-related activities from art to math to science to construction! The LED display is durable and ready for any sensory learning environment.


Great Tools / Manipulatives you can use with LED Light Up Pads

  1. Rainbow Magnetic Tiles
  2. Translucent Letters and Numbers
  3. Translucent Shapes and Tangrams
  4. Colour Paddles for Mixing Colours
  5. Colourful stones can be used to place on the lines and make patterns.
  6. Insects in Resin and Leaves