Baby Moby Premium Cotton Rounds

Baby Moby Premium Cotton Rounds

  • ₱90.00

A baby's delicate face and eyes must be wiped with a gentle touch. Wipe clean baby's face with Baby Moby Cotton Premium Cotton Rounds with soft round edge, won't cut baby's skin.

  • Made with Japan's Water Jet Technology to strengthen the surface with high pressure water instead of using glue, resulting in a soft, lint-free, glue-free and chemical-free surface. Suitable for the sensitive skin of newborns.
  • Lint-free, no lints even when wet.
  • Smooth and soft surface with high absorbency, 
  • Made from 100% pure cotton, super soft thick cotton wool to help clear all dirt on the face thoroughly.
  • Hospital grade. Clean, safe, and sterilized at high heat temperature.
  • Sheet size 6×6 cm. suitable for baby's face.
  • Contoured shape to the eyes and face. No edges to cut the skin
  • Tested to be hypoallergenic even on sensitive skin. (Hypoallergenic Tested) according to Japan DRC standard

Usage: For wiping baby's face and eyes.

Quantity : 35 gram