Oribel Cocoon High Chair

  • ₱11,499.00

The complete high chair, Oribel Cocoon, transforms from a comfortable recliner to an early feeding modern high chair. The inspiration
Like the cocoon that is home to a baby butterfly, inspired to create a high chair just as snug, warm and cosy. A safe little nook for your baby to grow in. The revolutionary Cocoon high chair goes from an infant bed to a comfortable dining chair, complete with a table!

Suitable from birth to 3 years or maximum of 20 kilos.

Care instructions
• Protect from the weather, store product in a dry place.
• Wipe plastic parts with mild soap and water.
• Keep all metal parts dry.
• Surface clean only, do not hose down or submerge chair in water.
• Do not use scouring pads on top tray insert.