Play Plearn Kid Coloring Book

  • ₱149.00

Items to delight children: A5 Coloring Book.Explore a variety of captivating designs across 20 pages. Unleash your children's creativity as they fill these unique patterns with vibrant colors. Plus, the book includes vocabulary words, providing a fun way for kids to practice reading and coloring while learning.

There are 5 patterns to choose from.

Hello Zoo (Wild animals)
Happy Animals (Zoo animals)
Sea Time (Aquatic animal)
Vroom Vroom! (Vehicles)
Yum Yum! (Food)

Product details:

1 Book contains 20 pages of unique patterns.

- 120 gsm thick paper
- Size: A5 (14.5-21cm.)
- Can paint with every coloring materials - color pencils, crayon, markers, water color. Paper doesn't penetrate easily.

Product benefits
- Strengthen imagination Creativity in coloring
- Train hand muscles
- Strengthen concentration
- Practice language, learn vocabulary.