Poled Ball-Fix Pro Car Seat

  • ₱24,999.00

Innovative technology with ball-guided belt Age: from 3 up to 12 years old

• The safest car seat that passed actual car crash tests
- Endured twice the harness
- Underwent hundreds of crash tests on real vehicles
- Low center of gravity stopper – provide unshakable safety because the movement of
the child is reduced to a minimum during a collision

• Heavy presences of a locking belt – the most basic safety device of a car seat
- Global safety standard that automobile manufacturers encourage for mandatory use
- Car seats without a locking belt will be projected forward during a collision

• Unique head protection with the miracle of 25mm
- When a collision occurs, the child’s head will move forward and strongly move backward. During that moment, head protection is automatically moving forward to protect their head perfectly and safely.

• Pro-innovative triple-shield
- V-Line Structure – when incidents occur, an ergonomic v-line structure prevents your
child’s neck from slipping over
– Also helps the child’s head to stay in place while sleeping, making him comfortable like sleeping in his mother’s arms
- Side Protection System – absorb the shock and protects the child
- Long Armrest – long and flexible armrest protects the child from side accidents
– Can rest properly even on long trips

• Re-discovering seatbelt with ball-guided belt
- It finds the perfect angle of the seat belt that will feel the most comfortable for your
- Precisely position the seat belt across the child’s shoulders
- Prevents pressing your child’s chest or the risk of the seat belt popping up

• One-click, Hexa Bolt ISO FIX
- Innovative ISO FIX developed after hundred actual car crash tests
- Can withstand 2.5 tons of impact

• Keeps the child in the center
- A moderately hard car seat can help your child fit properly in the seat while maintaining good posture.
- Provides safety and comfort with the option to adjust the height and width when your
child is fully grown.

• Convertible into a booster seat
- When your child turns 6-years old, you can just remove the backrest of the car seat

• Optimal backrest angle adjustment – can freely adjust to find the best position for your child

• Made of eco-friendly and comfortable fabric that makes the child feel warm and

Warranty: 2 years