Poled Going Bear Bag

  • ₱4,999.00

2-in-1: Booster Seat and Diaper Bag Perfect for a family on the go

• Strong & Safe
- Maximum load of 100kg
- Made with a high-strength frame

• Secures your child with a 3-point belt system
- The same type used in infant car seats
- Comfortable and protects even the most active child
- Smaller or younger children can use it with additional support

• Have a double safety fixing belt when used as a booster seat
- The shoulder straps on the back fix the seat at the base of the seat
- The firm back-fixing strap secures the seat further

• With thermal insulation function
- Maximum insulation time is 5 hours
- Can keep your bottles warm
- Ample storage space for market leading bottles up to 700mL

• Practical and stylish design with non-toxic & non-slip materials
- Weighs only 340g
- Easy to carry bag that acts as a booster seat
- Non-slip surface treatment is applied to prevent slipperiness, giving your child extra grip and stability when used as a booster seat
- Made of waterproof fabric
- Materials were tested and easy to clean