Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

  • ₱1,795.00

Are you having trouble winding down for bed, wondering when the madness of night diaper duty will end? Enter Ultimate Baby Wipes Warmer: your ultimate answer to comfortable and easy nighttime diaper changes.

For nearly 25 years our classic-looking appliance has been there for your baby, warming up wipes for that gentle comfort on their bottoms. And what’s better—it does all this with a mild warmth that won’t wake them up! It also features a warm glow night light so you never have to risk blinding yourself in the dark ever again searching for the wipes warmer. All these features add up to make your clean-up time quicker, simpler, and much cozier than before.

In addition to wiping away your worries (literally!), we want to take away another concern – bacteria! Dirty diapers are usually kept in warm environments and it’s no surprise that when cold wipes are used, the pores close trapping the bacteria rather than allowing them to keep open for hygienic cleaning. That’s why we made sure ours warms wipes to the perfect temperature—giving both you and Baby a perfect bottom clean-up every time!

Wiping babies clean has never been easier or more comfortable. Being a new parent is already enough work so why not add one extra device that helps ease these tough times? This classic appliance makes a great gift as well - every mom or dad could use an Ultimate Baby Wipes Warmer! After all, EVERYBODY loves a warm wipe™. Bottom's up - it's time for an Ultimate Baby Wipes Warmer!