Richell Clear Meal Training Set

  • ₱665.00

- Combo Set of Weaning Cup, Straw Training Mug, and Soft Spoon to help babies transition to solid food.

- Straw Training Mug comes with an ellipse straw and a unique Push Button in the lid that initiates gentle water flow.

- The Straw Training Mug helps babies learn to drink from a straw and gradually transition to drinking from a cup.

- The versatile Weaning Cup is microwaveable and comes with a lid for food storage.

- A Soft Spoon that is gentle and comfortable on the baby’s mouth is also provided.

- The Weaning Cup and Straw Training Mug are stackable, making it easier to pack on the go.

- Dishwasher-Safe, Microwave-Safe, Sterilizer-Safe

- Guaranteed Authentic Richell Japan Brand

- Recommended Age: ~5-Months and Up

- Box Content:

1 x Weaning Cup 160ml

1 x Straw Training Mug 160ml

1 x l Soft Spoon