Swada Wireless Portable Humidifier

  • ₱2,850.00

Swada is the only hygienic and anti-bacterial humidifier with a replaceable vibrator and filter. This lightweight humidifier (382g) has a 500ml capacity and modular spray nozzle that dispenses 100ml of mist per hour. Designed by top engineers of Samsung Electronics.

Choose between 2 modes of your desired humidification plus a soft mood lamp perfect for relaxing in the dark. Swada operates for up to 8 hours with simple and convenient charging (C-Type).

• 100% clean humidifier that allows for the replacement of vibrators as well as
• a powerful humidification capacity of 100 m/h
• Low power design allows up to 8 hours wirelessly
• 500ml large capacity design allows up to 12 hours of wired usage
• All-night humidification mode 40m/h enables up to 8 hours (wireless)
• Super strong humidification allows up to 3 hours of use at 100m/h (wireless)
• 3000k mood lamp for comfortable eye lighting
• bespoke design allows for a wide range of vibrator module colors and
• Reliable Korean production


2 filters (1 installed and 1 spare)

White module

Both filter and module need to be replaced every 1-2 months of continuous use

Warranty: 6 months