Swaddies Water-Absorbent Bedmats

  • ₱780.00

Swaddies PH Water-Absorbent bedmat: pioneer of cotton gauze washable bedmat in Philippines
PROTECTION- washable bedmats can protect your sheets/mattresses from unwanted stains thus save time and effort from washing the whole sheets. More time to spend to your loved ones
COMFORT- its cotton gauze fabric material makes it more breathable and comfortable as it provides maximum protection and absorption that your loved ones will surely love it. 
VALUE FOR MONEY AND ENVIRONMENT- it can help you save tons of money from buying disposable underpads. Say no to one time use and help save mother Earth! 
FLEXIBILITY - it can be used as a diaper changing pad for newborns, potty training pad for toddlers, mattress protection pad for adults who underwent operation/surgery and elderly adults who have urinary incompetence, and a lot more! A bedmat for ALL AGES indeed!


Original water-absorbent bedmat 
- softer finish
- with protective stitches
- with hanger
- highly absorbent
- perfect for newborns (but still can be used for toddlers and adults) 

Stitch-free water-absorbent bedmat
- flat and thinner finish
- more lightweight
- no protective stitches but fast absorbent
- no hanger
- perfect for toddlers and adults (can be also used for newborns)

Both bedmats are:

-70x90cm (just the right size for your cuddly cribs)
- washable/reusable
- with non-skid rubber guards to keep the mats in place
- made from layers of cotton gauze, absorbent cotton and TPU waterproof material for maximum absorption and protection
- perfectly designed to protect your mattresses from unwanted stains anytime, anywhere
- perfect mattress protector to use for potty training kids, as a changing pad for newborns, adults with urinary incontinence, and a lot more!

Both are a must-try, cuddle buddies!