Tamme Doom Adhesive Push Up Bra

  • ₱899.00

DOOM BRA Breast enhancement bra

  • 1.5inches thick
  • Just stick this on your skin,makes the breasts bigger up to 2 cups
  • Can be used for a long time. The exterior is cloth. The hook can be removed.
  • Can be used for 50+ times
  • Smooth, no one will notice!

How to use:

  • Cleanse the skin
  • Wipe the skin dry, do not apply any skin care.
  • Put the clothes properly. Don't have to wear underwear
  • Insert the Tammé Pads under the shirt. and raised both breasts like wearing a bra

Care instructions:

  • Rinse through running water, shake to dry, put bck clear plastic
  • Not suitable for swimming
  • No detergent or soap required for cleaning

Available in Cup B
1 box contain 1 pair of Tamme pads