When My Friend Books

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Life is not just about winning.
It's about trying again and persevering every time we fail.
Too often when we teach children about success, we forget to emphasize the most important aspect: RELATIONSHIPS.
Let Gail and Pablo show your child how to cope with losing and how to be a good friend
Winning means everything to children and there's nothing wrong with being competitive. Many, however, grow up thinking that winning is what's most important. We want to teach children at a young age that doing their best and being a good friend are more valuable than winning  This is a great material that parents can use to teach children empathy as the characters show how to cope with losing and how to be a good friend. This storybook is something children will definitely relate with.

Your child may not have experienced being bullied, but he has most likely witnessed a bully in action. This story hopes to teach children empathy by showing them what to say and what to do when they see their friend crying. ‘When My Friend Cries’ shows the difference between choosing to be a quiet bystander and choosing to be a true friend who speaks up and does the right thing. 

It's easy to make friends who are most like us. When we notice differences, can we look past them and choose kindness? Can we look beyond what we perceive as others' limitations so that we can see their strength and beauty?
This story shows us how to treat each other's differences with respect rather than judgement. At the end of the day, all of us - no matter how alike or different - want the same thing: We want to smile, be understood, and to feel loved. Join Gail and Pablo as they go on their Be-A-Buddy trip to meet new friends.

Written by Robyn Rodriguez, CSP-PASP Consultant Speech-Language Pathologist