Zazu Robby Baby Rocker

  • ₱2,499.00


Ever find yourself endlessly rocking your little one’s stroller, careful not to disrupt their sleep?

Robby the Baby Rocker lends you a hand, taking over the gentle rocking of the stroller so you can enjoy your coffee, squeeze in a workout, or accomplish some work. All while your little one keeps enjoying a peaceful nap….

Gently rocking your stroller
So you can enjoy a quick coffee, workout or accomplish some work

Adjustable rocking strength
Adjust the rocking frequency to get the best rocking for big and small strollers

Auto shut-off
Robby will gently rock for 40 minutes and then shut off automatically

Cry sensor
The cry sensor can watch over your little and automatically activate upon crying.

Long battery life
8+ hours of battery life

Use indoors & outdoors
IPX1 water resistant

Product: 13 x 9.5 x 10.5 cm
USB cable included (Input: 5V, min 1A)
Rechargeable battery
ZAZU products have been tested according to international safety regulations