Zippies Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

  • ₱500.00

Zippies Cotton Mesh Produce Bags are made with fine 100% certified cotton with guaranteed reusability. Our bags can take on heavy loads and make great storage bags for fruits and vegetables. These are durable, lightweight, washable, food-grade, breathable (veggies/fruits lasts longer in them than in plastic bags). Just bring them on your grocery run and pack your fruits and veggies directly. Bags are washable and can easily be cleaned in a cold-water wash and hung to dry. 

Available in the following sizes:

Medium Bag Dimensions: 10x15 inches P500 for set of 5

Large Bag Dimensions: 12x15 inches P650 for set of 5

Hope you can be part of our journey to going Green with our Zippies line!