Zippies Lab Disney 100 Platinum Princess Wristlet Collection

  • ₱279.00

This year, the spotlight isn't just on the mouse; it's on the crown! Introducing Zippies Lab's dazzling new creation: The Disney Platinum Princess Collection

Crafted exclusively for Disney's monumental centennial year, this collection adds a touch of platinum splendor to our bestselling Zippies wristlet—now available in a magical medium size for the first time ever. 

For this enchanting collection, we've summoned three of the most beloved princesses from the realms of storybooks and fairy tales:

  • Cinderella, the belle of the ball, embodying timeless elegance
  • Ariel, the adventurous mermaid princess, capturing the spirit of curiosity 
  • Belle, the beauty with brains, epitomizing the love for knowledge and adventure

Adorned in a unique Platinum Celebration design, these wristlets are more than an accessory; they're a keepsake, worthy of any royal ensemble.

So why choose? Collect them all and celebrate 100 years of Disney wonder with a touch of royal flair!