Zippies Lab Disney 100 Reusable Tote

  • ₱399.00

Mark a century of Disney enchantment with our iridescent tote, featuring a bespoke design of the iconic Mickey & Friends! This tote isn't just an accessory; it's a magical piece of history, shimmering with joy and nostalgia. Perfect for Disney aficionados of every age, this bag is a gleaming testament to a legacy of dreams and wonder. With side zipper pocket, thoughtfully designed to safeguard your valuables.

Illuminate your daily adventures with the magic of Disney and add a little sparkle to every outing!

Sophistication meets whimsy in this elegantly designed tote that's as classic as Mickey himself. On one side, the tote showcases the metaverse Disney 100 emblem, while the other offers the Platinum Mickey pattern. Designed with a side pocket for easy access to your valuables. 

Step into a realm of magic and royalty every time you sling this over your shoulder! Introducing the exquisite Platinum Princess Tote, designed to celebrate a century of Disney enchantment. With Ariel's underwater allure gracing one side and Cinderella's timeless elegance on the other, it's like carrying two magical worlds at once! A Tote for All Ages, For All Stages Ideal for Disney devotees both young and seasoned, this tote promises to add a sprinkle of royal joy to your day.

Bag size: 38x33cm
Material: Polyester