Zoy Zoii Donut Backpack

  • ₱1,750.00

Crafted with high-resilience EVA material, the Zoyzoii Kids Backpack ensures sturdy support and enhanced air circulation. Its soft texture and contoured design guarantee a snug fit, effortlessly maintaining its shape even under pressure. Engineered with an H-type horizontal load reduction system, coupled with cotton body ridge protection, it prioritizes spinal health by conforming perfectly to a child's back. Elastic, breathable wide shoulder straps with anti-slip buckles offer lasting comfort, while the top ring provides versatile attachment options for various activities. Waterproof and featuring an original design, this backpack holds CPC/CPSIA certification, making it perfect for travel and alleviating tired shoulders.

The Zoyzoii B1 Kids Backpack, featuring a charming donuts rainbow design, delivers both support and comfort for children's everyday endeavors. Crafted primarily from EVA material, it boasts enhanced air permeability and swiftly rebounds to its original shape when compressed. The backpack's H-type horizontal load reduction system and cotton body ridge protection design prioritize spinal health, while its elastic, breathable wide shoulder straps guarantee lasting comfort. With its versatile functionality and delightful design, this backpack is an ideal companion for school, travel, and day-to-day adventures