Luxelle RF Beauty Wand

  • ₱8,400.00

An absolute must for anyone who wants firmer and fresher looking skin! Using advanced radio frequencies, we heat the deepest layers of the skin which will result to a natural process that spurs new production of collagen. This device is a non-invasive skin tightening and lifting tool that can activate cells thoroughly that improves overall skin texture. It helps with skin tightening, facial lifting, pore shrinking, it also enhances skin absorption and soothes muscle fatigue.

This device features five-step adjustment, suitable for different skin



  • ATW/Anti Wrinkle (Soothing Mode) - RF technology can activate collagen and elastin stimulation. Smoothens skin texture making wrinkles less visible. It also relieves muscle fatigue. Red light + Radio frequency: photon rejuvenation, inhibiting facial pigments, improving facial skin color.
  • IAP/Import Absroption (Import Mode) - Electroporation can reduce the cell wall resistance rendering it more permeable. This then allows the transfer of a wide range naturally nurturing solutions into the skin cells. Promotes absorption of nutritients. Blue light + Radio frequency: anti- inflammation and acne, killing facial bacteria, inhibiting acne generation.

  • TS/Tight Skin (Gradient Lifting Mode) - High-frequency Biocurrents has an effect on the skin, muscles, lymphatics and blood vessels which can lead to a muscle build up resulting to a constant lifting effect to make facial contour healthier and more defined

  • Cooling Mode - Constant 17°C Cooling compress cools and calms the skin. Lock nourishment, relieve pain and other discomfort. Shrink pores, tighten up skin, improve puffiness and fine lines.

  • Heating Mode - Constant 42°C Heating compress soothes skin, enhance absorption, open pores to promote deeper penetration.